UPDATE: Solo & Ensemble Fest

Due to the continued safety measures related to COVID-19, RAFA has revised the format of this season’s Solo/Ensemble Fest, as described below. 

SOLO Participants

All registered Solo participants are invited to submit digital video recordings of their solo (accompaniment optional), studies, and scales by May 1, 2020. 

*Please make sure that the flutist’s face, instrument, and hands are visible in the recording!

Please prepare two recordings: one with your studies and scales, and the other with your solo/repertoire. Scale requirements* for each level are listed below. You may send a cloud link (e.g. Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.) of your two recordings or post onto a service such as YouTube. 

Complete the form and upload the links to your recordings here

Recording submission deadline is May 1, 2020

Adjudication sheets will be emailed to participants, and awards will be available at the next in-person RAFA event. 

*Scale Requirements:

Grade A: F major & D minor scales and arpeggios; no chromatic scale

Grade B: Eb major & C minor scales and arpeggios; Chromatic scale – 2 octaves from low C

Grade C: G major & E minor scales and arpeggios; Chromatic scale – 2 octaves from low C

Grade D: Ab major & F minor scales and arpeggios, Chromatic scale – low C to high Bb

Grade E: A major & F# minor scales and arpeggios; Chromatic scale – 3 octaves

Grade F: E major & C# minor scales and arpeggios; Chromatic scale – 3 octaves 

ENSEMBLE Participants

Due to current social distancing mandates, ensemble participation is not viable at this time. Registered ensemble participants have the option of considering their $10 ensemble fee a donation towards RAFA’s ongoing expenses or requesting a refund by contacting info@rafaflutes.org


Please contact coordinator Anne Dyke at annedyke64@gmail.com or 919-755-2267. 

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