Review and Contest

Because of the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and the Delta variant, this year’s Review and Contest will again be virtual. However, instead of using a live Zoom format as we did in 2020, we will use recorded video auditions.

The Review and Contest is an annual event sponsored by RAFA to further the education of RAFA member flutists. It is an opportunity for flutists of all levels of playing ability to perform for professionals who provide written comments and suggestions for improvement. Students (grades 1 through 12 or at least half-time students in college or graduate school) may enter the Review or Contest, and adults may enter the Adult Review. Each participant performs two pieces for evaluation by two judges.

Contest participants compete against other flutists in the same division and grade level. Contest winners receive prizes of scholarship money and have the option to be featured in the Student Showcase at the virtual RAFA Flute Fair.

Participants in the Review and Adult Review receive written evaluation by the judges but are not eligible for scholarship prizes.

2021 Review and Contest

Sunday, November 4-7, 2021

The 2021 virtual Review and Contest will be completed on Sunday, November 7. Participants will submit video recordings for evaluation by the judges. The deadline for registration is Friday, September 24, and the deadline for video submissions is Wednesday, November 3. The judges will complete their evaluation sheets electronically, and Contest winners will be announced by the end of the day, November 7. For details, see the Review and Contest guidelines.

2021 Review and Contest results

  • Division 1 Elementary
    Winner: Guru Pranav Gali
    Honorable Mention: Nithya Penmatsa, Madeleine Scott
  • Division 1 Middle/High School
    Winner: Tanvi Kandarpa
  • Division 2 Elementary
    Winner: Emily Felten
  • Division 2 Middle/High School
    Winner: Vani Garcha
  • Division 3 Elementary
    Winner: Ida Dimov
    Honorable Mention: Sadie Mitchell
  • Division 3 Middle/High School
    Winners: Allen Li, Buvan Praveen, Krithi Saravanan, Aviva Wang
    Honorable Mention: Ankit Durbha, Harper Ethridge, Tricia Oh, Yashashwi Sagar
  • Division 4 Middle/High School
    Winners: Bethany Hawthorne, Zoe Zhang, Evan Zhu
    Honorable Mention: Allen Liu, Qingxin Liu, Gauri Menon, Akshaya Rajesh
  • Division 5 Middle/High School
    Winners: Elizabeth Fletcher, Jemma Lowi, Leo Molinoff
    Honorable Mention: Shiva Koppol, Qi Feng Wu, Rhoda Yakowenko, Serena Zhang
  • Division 6 Middle/High School
    Winners: Abby Poirier, Nivedita Ravishankar, Raghav Yelamanchili
    Honorable Mention: Ethan Barnett, Emma Belledin, Olivia Liu, Jeffrey Wang
  • Division 7 Middle/High School
    Winner: Kate Sullivan
    Honorable Mention: Avery Loeb
  • Division 8 Middle/High School
    Winner: Jonathan Oldham
  • Division 5 Undergraduate
    Winner: Katarina Holecek
  • Division 7 Undergraduate
    Winner: Jingxuan Liu
    Honorable Mention: Rebecca Bridenbaugh
  • Division 8 Undergraduate
    Winner: Kyrese Washington
    Honorable Mention: Sarah Tan

RAFA Student Showcase at the 2021 Flute Fair

Saturday, November 13, 2021

The RAFA Flute Fair will be a virtual event. Participation in the RAFA Student Showcase will be optional. Each contest who is declared a winner will have the option of preparing a video performance of one of his or her Contest pieces that will be available for viewing during the Flute Fair. Each Contest winner who chooses to participate in the Student Showcase is required to perform with accompaniment or other backing track in the video, if his or her piece is written with piano accompaniment. All winners will be eligible to receive scholarship money regardless of whether they participate in the RAFA Student Showcase.


2021 Review and Contest guidelines

2021 Repertoire Lists

The Review and Contest repertoire committee is reviewing the repertoire lists for possible revisions. The 2021 list will not be changed for this year’s Review and Contest. Updated lists for 2022 and later will be posted when the revisions are complete.

2021 R&C Repertoire Lists (all divisions)


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