For Students and Amateurs

Review & Contest

November 2022

Afternoon Virtual Event

Scholarship competition for school-age and college-age flute students; written evaluation of flutists of all ages.
Entrants may choose to participate in the Contest or the Review.

Contest winners will receive prizes of scholarship money and will have the option to submit pre-recorded videos of their solos for the Student Showcase at the Flute Fair on Saturday, November 14. Review participants receive written evaluation but are not eligible for scholarship prizes or participation in the Student Showcase.

Solo & Ensemble Fest

May 7, 2022

Afternoon virtual event; participants have the option to perform live via Zoom or submit a video recording in advance of the event.

Graded repertoire examinations for all ages; participants can choose to enter the solo and/or ensemble category.

For Professionals and Advanced Students

Artist Competition


Due to COVID -19, the RAFA board of directors has voted to postpone our 6th annual Artist Competition until November 2021.

The RAFA Artist Competition was created to provide advanced flutists ages 17 and above an opportunity to compete on a worldwide level.

Six semi-finalists chosen from the recorded preliminary round will perform for a panel of judges and the general public in November 2021 (TBD).

Up to 3 finalists will be selected to perform for a panel of judges and the Flute Fair audience in November 2021 (TBD).

The first place winner will receive a cash prize of $1000 and will be invited to perform at an event during the Raleigh Area Flute Association’s 2022-2023 season. The second place winner will receive a cash prize of $500. The third place winner will receive a cash prize of $250.

Learn more and see requirements.

Also consider joining one of our Flute Choirs if you enjoy playing in a flute ensemble, or if you haven’t but would like to try! We have student levels (2 years’ experience or more), adult amateur and performance anxiety support meetings, and advanced groups.

While we will not be meeting in person for rehearsals in fall 2020, we will have a virtual flute choir performance at the 2020 Flute Fair and hope to explore our virtual options until it is safe to rehearse in person again!