Flute Choirs

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Announcement Regarding COVID-19:

Due to growing concerns of COVID-19 and the exposure to people at community and group events, RAFA has decided to postpone the following events and activities until larger health risks caused by this issue are resolved. RAFA is dedicated to reducing risks and keeping our members healthy.

  • All RAFA Flute Choirs will be on break until further notice, pending further Board and flute choir director discernment.

Durham Flute Choir

Map & Directions

Contact director Maureen Kelly: mkflute@silcom.com

All ages welcome–students, adults, and seniors! No audition required.  Print Registration Here!

Participation costs $40 per semester, in addition to RAFA membership dues.

Silver Winds

Map & Directions

Silver Winds performing at Waltonwood Cary, Spring 2019

The Silver Winds requires a minimum of two years’ playing experience, but no auditions are necessary.

This is the ideal choir for individuals who are new to the ensemble experience, as well as intermediate and advanced players who wish to play in a flute group but have limited time for rehearsals and individual practice.

No audition required!​

*must reach minimum of 5 students.

Emma McCulloch, director: (919) 578-4825 | emmaashleymc@gmail.com

This group rehearses from 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. on selected Sundays. Check the rehearsal and performance schedule for more details. Participation costs $40 per semester in addition to RAFA dues.

Silver Pipes

Map & Directions

Silver Pipes performing at WakeMed Volunteer Luncheon, Spring 2019

Audition Requirements:

  1. Scale sheet: Chromatic scale should be slurred.  All other scales should be able to be played tongued or slurred.  (D, G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, all 2 octaves)
  2. Required Piece (click for link to PDF download, see last 2 pages for flute part): Gaubert Madrigal
  3. There will be a short sight reading piece at your audition as well.

Contact director Andrea McKerlie Luke:

(919) 492-5489 | andreawriter@gmail.com

This group rehearses from 2:30 -4:00 p.m. on selected Sundays. Check the rehearsal and performance schedule for more details. Participation costs $40 per semester in addition to RAFA dues.

Silver Fantasy

Map & Directions

Silver Fantasy performing at Waltonwood in Cary, Spring 2019

Audition Requirements | Click to download audition packet

  1. Scale sheet:  Chromatic scale should be played slurred.  All other scales should be able to be played tongued or slurred.  (G, D, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db)
  2. Required pieces:  Bouree Anglaise from Bach Partita in A Minor and Bizet Carmen Entr’acte (measures 3-23), with no accompaniment.
  3. There will also be a short sight-reading piece at your audition

The director will be assessing tone quality, rhythmic and technical accuracy, intonation, range of dynamics, clarity of articulation, and musical expression.
You must schedule an audition time in advance.

Contact Rebecca Rogers, director:

(603) 277-0633 | rebeccacrogers76@gmail.com

This group rehearses from 4:15-6:00 p.m. on Sundays, with one Sunday off per month. Check the rehearsal and performance schedule for more details. Participation costs $40 per semester in addition to RAFA dues.

Flute Cocktail (Chapel Hill)

Alma Coefman, director: (919) 619-9971

This is a beginner/intermediate flute choir. Based in Chapel Hill, this ensemble plays a cocktail’s variety of fun and colorful music, including pieces from South America. The ensemble sometimes expands its repertoire by incorporating additional instruments, such as cello and guitar.

Participation in this ensemble is $40, in addition to RAFA membership dues. Please contact director Alma Coefman for information about joining the ensemble.

The Second Winds

Becky Millard, Coordinator (919) 244-6078

Photo by Greg Perry Members Pictured: Annette Rogers, Susan Van Dyke, Sally Franz, Mary Croghan, Kittie Davenport, Judy Auld, Greg Perry.

The Second Winds group, made up of adult amateur flutists, began meeting some years ago for the purpose of providing one another with support and encouragement in managing and overcoming a shared focus: performance anxiety. Today the group continues to support performance anxiety; however, one does not have to have that issue to participate. All are welcome. The fellowship of the group and playing group ensembles is equally important to membership. Ranging in age from the late teens to the seventies and in flute-playing ability from beginning to advanced, Second Winds players meet every other month. The group does not function as a flute choir, but rather interested players prepare solos or duets and play for each other.  (Participation is included with your RAFA membership fees.)

Contact coordinator for directions, meeting dates, and more.

Becky Millard (919) 244-6078 | bdmillard@aol.com