Flute Choirs

Upcoming RAFA flute choir events

Flute Choir Day with Nicole Chamberlain

Sunday, March 10, 2024
Time TBD
Glenaire Retirement Community Theater
4000 Glenaire Circle, Cary, NC
Award winning composer and performer Nicole Chamberlain will lead each of the RAFA flute choirs in a masterclass followed by Chamberlain in concert.

Spring Concert by the Carolina Flute Choir, Triangle Flute Orchestra, and City of Oaks Flute Choir

Sunday, April 14, 2024
3:00 p.m.
Glenaire Retirement Community Theater
4000 Glenaire Circle, Cary, NC

Pay your flute choir fee online!

RAFA members are welcome to join flute choirs each January and August. In addition to having current RAFA membership, there is a $75 flute choir semester fee. If two or more dues-paying family members participate in RAFA flute choirs, the flute choir semester fee is $50 per person. If you participate in more than one RAFA flute choir in the same semester, the flute choir semester fee is $50 for each flute choir in which you participate.

In the interest of avoiding the spread of illness among flute choir members, please observe these health guidelines:

  • If you experience symptoms of any contagious illness such as the flu or COVID-19, please do not attend rehearsals. Let your choir director know you will be absent.
  • If you test positive for any contagious illness such as the flu or COVID-19, please adhere to the current CDC isolation standard of 5 days of quarantine before returning to RAFA flute choir rehearsals.
  • If you test positive for any contagious illness such as the flu or COVID-19 and were recently at a RAFA flute choir rehearsal or event, please let your choir director know. The director will inform other members of exposure.
  • RAFA-owned instruments will not be shared among flute choir members throughout each semester.
  • The RAFA health policy is subject to the COVID-19 or health policy of any rehearsal or performance venue.

Carolina Flute Choir

Beginner / All Levels / All Ages
Perfect for those just starting out playing with a group and those more advanced players who love to play but lack the time for practice outside of rehearsal. (Formerly Silver Winds)

Rehearsal details:

No auditions required.

Conductor: Thiago Bottega

Triangle Flute Orchestra

Intermediate / All Ages
Perfect for flutists who are interested in a fun, multi-genre group. Slightly more challenging repertoire may require practice outside of rehearsal. Opportunities to play piccolo and alto and bass flutes. (Formerly Silver Fantasy)

Rehearsal details:

Audition requirements:

  • Choice of 2 major scales
  • Choice of 2 minor scales
  • Chromatic scale from low C to high G
  • Köhler Op. 33, exercise 5
  • Short sight-reading

Conductor: Emma Morris

Durham Flute Choir

Intermediate / All Ages
This mid-level group is great for any flutists local to the Durham area. Opportunities to play piccolo and alto and bass flutes. Minimum of 3 years of playing experience required.

Rehearsal details:

No auditions required.
Membership form

Conductor: Clara Kempter


Intermediate / High School Juniors through Adults
In collaboration with Meredith College/Community Music School. Opportunities to play piccolo and alto and bass flutes.

Rehearsal details:

Audition requirements:
Contact the conductors.

Carla Copeland-Burns
Cortney Morley

City of Oaks Flute Ensemble

Advanced / All Ages
This chamber-style group with challenging repertoire will require practice outside of rehearsal hours. Flexibility to play piccolo and alto and/or bass flute preferred. Maximum of 12 active performers.

Rehearsal details:

  • Most Sundays, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
  • Glenaire Retirement Community, Cary
  • 12-14 rehearsals per semester
  • 1-2 concerts per semester, potential gigging opportunities

Audition requirements:

  • Choice of 4 major scales
  • Choice of 4 minor scales
  • Three-octave chromatic scale
  • Short sight-reading
  • Choice of one Piazzolla Tango Etude
  • Choice of one of the following works:
    • Bach: Sonata in E Minor, I. Adagio ma non tanto and II. Allegro
    • Martinu: First Sonata, I. Allegro moderato
    • Poulenc: Sonata, I. Allegretto malincolico
    • Telemann: Fantasia #2 in A Minor

Conductor: Emma Morris

Flute Cocktail

Intermediate-Advanced Level
Flute Cocktail plays a “cocktail’s variety” of fun and colorful music, including pieces from South America. This ensemble sometimes expands its repertoire by incorporating additional instruments such as cello and guitar. This ensemble is at full capacity and is not accepting new members.

Rehearsal details:

  • Chapel Hill

Conductor: Alma Coefman