2020-21 Sponsors

Individual Donors

Mary Boone
Wendy Burgbacher
Irene Burke
Isabella Yixuan Che
Katherine Gora Combs
Carolyn & Robin Dorff
Shauna Farmer
Helga Fasciano
Sally Franz
Julie Frederick
Kathleen Hancock
Amy Holt
Beth Kupsco
Catherine LeGrand
Rosemary Lunsford
Campbell Massengill
Marjorie McKenzie
Becky Millard
James Murphy
Pamela Nelson
Kyle Owen
Terry Patrickis
Ann Pearce
Greg Perry
Rosene Rohrer
Nancy Schneeloch-Bingham
Orion Song
Samantha Stevens
Susan Taylor
Mary Jo White
Anna Wilson
Qi Feng Wu

In Memory of Wanda Perry

Sun Hazel
Barbara Mann
Becky Millard
Rebecca Rogers
Rosene Rohrer

In Memory of Kim Kittner

Nancy Bernstein
Sally Boren
Kim Bridgers
Irene Burke
Carolyn Carter
Faye Fang
Katharine Gloden
Melony & Mark Hughes
Berta Kittner
Betty Kittner & Kent Dewey
Dee LeRoy
Thomas Mease
Becky Millard
NCSPA Reginal Reps
Barbara Pomer and Ed Green
Lauren Robbins-Pollack
Dustin Rohrer
Rosene Rohrer
Jonathan Romeo
Carla Savage
Jan Schochet
Emilie Schwartz
Alissa Warshaw
Marvin & Carol Warshaw
Jane Wettach
Steven Wilson

Additional Funding

Raleigh Flute Choir, in honor of Ann Cameron Pearce

Want to be an individual donor?

Contact Rosene Rohrer at info@rafaflutes.org or join today at our membership page.  If you’re already a member, please go to our donations page to make your contribution.

Want to be a corporate sponsor? 

Contact Rosene Rohrer at info@rafaflutes.org or join RAFA today at our membership page.

Benefits of corporate sponsorship ($100):

  • Advertising in Tune In, RAFA’s monthly e-newsletter
  • Line listings in printed programs
  • Advertising on the RAFA web site, with a link to your website
  • Opportunity to present an Exhibitor Showcase session at the virtual Flute Fair on Saturday, November 14, 2020.