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RAFA offers five options for players of all ability levels who want to play in a group setting outside of class! Our directors are already starting to plan some excellent seasons and fun concert programs, and you can register now to join us. Currently, we have choirs located in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, and two do not require any audition at all!

Our choirs do require seasonal dues (August-December and January-May), as well as RAFA membership, but use of the RAFA instruments is included, and your membership gets you into all of our season events – including Flute Choir Day in February 2020 with Paige Dashner Long, featuring a mass flute choir our members can join!

Non-Auditioned Choirs (open to all!)

Flute Cocktail (Chapel Hill), directed by Alma Coefman
  • Intermediate/advanced players from 8th grade and up
  • No auditions required!
  • Meets twice a month for 90-minute rehearsals
  • Focusing on local composers and newly commissioned music in varied musical styles
  • Premieres local works in small concert settings
  • Exploration of piccolo, alto, and bass flutes
  • 6-10 players, no conductor (chamber ensemble)
Durham Flute Choir (Durham), directed by Maureen Kelly
  • All levels, no auditions!
  • Meets twice a month for 90-minute rehearsals
  • 10-15 players, conducted ensemble
  • Players vote on repertoire, which can vary from classical, folk, popular and sacred music
  • Exploration of piccolo, alto, and bass flutes
  • Performs locally in fun, family-friendly concerts
Silver Winds (Raleigh), directed by Emma McCulloch
  • Beginner to intermediate students
  • No audition requred!
  • Meets twice a month for 60-minute rehearsals
  • 4-8 players, conducted ensemble
  • Standard classical tunes and folk songs
  • Performs locally in small recital settings

Auditioned Choirs

Silver Pipes (Raleigh), directed by Andrea McKerlie Luke
  • Audition includes scales, sightreading, and a short prepared piece (see Choirs page for specifics)
  • Intermediate to advanced players
  • Great ensemble for advanced players who want fewer rehearsal commitments
  • Meets twice a month for 90-minute rehearsals
  • 8-15 players, conducted ensemble
  • Exploration of piccolo, alto, and bass flutes
  • Performs locally in casual to formal concert settings
  • Varied musical styles from classical to contemporary classical, jazz, folk, and world music
Silver Fantasy (Raleigh), directed by Rebecca Rogers
  • Auditions include scales, sightreading, and two prepared excerpts (see Choirs page for more specifics)
  • Meets three times a month for 2-hour rehearsals
  • 15+ players, conducted orchestral ensemble
  • Frequent use of piccolo, alto, bass, and contrabass flutes (available on loan)
  • Varied musical styles focusing on classical and contemporary flute orchestra works
  • Performs several times per semester in formal, full-length concert settings

Sound like fun? Head over to the Flute Choirs page to get your schedules (coming soon!), or go ahead and Register for a Flute Choir Online!

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