Solo and Ensemble

Open to all ages and levels, this event has two options. Participants can choose to enter the solo category and/or can choose to enter as a small ensemble (duet, trio, or quartet). Awards are given based on performance, and each participant receives a written review.

The music list is divided into six levels, Grades A through F. The solo category requires flutists to play scales, etudes, and solos from the list, while the ensemble category requires only the performance of the duet, trio or quartet. Grade levels are to be determined by the teacher according to the ability of performers

2019 Solo & Ensemble Fest

April ?, 2019
​1:00pm – 5:00pm
Date and venue to be announced.


Entry for the 2019 Solo/Ensemble Fest is not open yet, but for now you may review last year’s rules and repertoire. *Note there may be changes between these lists and the 2019 contest.

2018 Rules – Please read these carefully before entering!

Solo Repertoire List

Ensemble Repertoire List