2023 – 2024 Board Nominations

RAFA will again be holding its annual election via Internet poll.  Current RAFA members have received an email with voting instructions. To reach quorum, we need at least 40 members to respond. Please cast your vote as soon as possible. Voting will remain open until 2:00 pm on. Voting results will be announced at the Sunday, May 14 RAFA Member Recital.

The Nominating Committee has submitted the following Slate of Officers to serve for the year 2023-2024.  

2023-2024 RAFA Slate of Officers and Board Positions 


President: Amy Holt

Vice-President: Catherine LeGrand
Treasurer: Irene Burke
Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Hancock
Recording Secretary: Nancy Schneeloch-Bingham 
Members-at-Large (3-yr rotating terms): 

  • Pamela Nelson (’22 -’25) 
  • Mansi Shah (’21-’24)
  • Thiago Botegga (’23 -’26)

The following list of Appointed Positions is not included in the voting procedures, but we include the positions here for your information:

Artist Competition: Kelly Nivison
Development Director & Public Relations Coordinator: Andrea Luke
Director of Virtual Events and Website Manager: Kyle Owen
Flute Choirs: Emma Morris
Masterclass Coordinator: Carla Copeland-Burns
Membership Chairperson: Amy Holt
Review & Contest: Kathy Hancock 
Social Media: Lindsay Leach-Sparks
Solo & Ensemble Fest: Anne Dyke
Student Representative: Hiya Das
Tune-In Editor: Kilar Green Meyers 
Website Design & Content: Kathy Hancock   

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine LeGrand
RAFA Vice President
Nominating Committee Chairperson

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