Review and Contest

The Review and Contest is an annual event sponsored by RAFA to further the education of RAFA member flutists. It is an opportunity for flutists of all levels of playing ability to perform for professionals who provide written comments and suggestions for improvement. Students (grades 1 through 12 or at least half-time students in college or graduate school) may enter the Review or Contest, and adults may enter the Adult Review. Each participant performs two pieces for evaluation by two judges.

Contest participants compete against other flutists in the same division and grade level. Contest winners receive prizes of scholarship money and perform in the RAFA Student Showcase at the RAFA Flute Fair.

Adult flutists and students who choose not to compete may enter the Review, where they receive written evaluation but are not eligible for scholarship prizes.


2020 Review and Contest

Sunday, November 8, 2020
1:30 – 5:30pm

RAFA Student Showcase at Flute Fair

Saturday, November 14, 2020


Please read the following guidelines before registering for Review & Contest.

2019 Review and Contest Guidelines

Registration for 2020 not yet available; check back as the 2020-2021 Season begins!

  • The registration fee is $20 for Contest and $15 for Review.

Repertoire Lists 2019 – 2022

Clarification in the Division 3 repertoire: Notice that the G.P. Telemann choice piece is Minuet II only (from Suite in A Minor).

2019 Review and Contest Winners

Division 1 Elementary
Winner: Grace Bardeen
Honorable Mention: Ankit Durbha, Alicia He

Division 1 Middle/High School
Winner: Jemma Lowi
Honorable Mention: Serena Zhang

Division 2 Elementary
Winner: Buvan Praveen
Honorable Mention: Joseph Wang

Division 2 Middle/High School
Winner: Isabella Pellom
Honorable Mention: Eric Feng, Monish Shah

Division 3 Middle/High School
Winners: Abigail Park, Qi Feng Wu, Leo Molinoff, Dorothy Zhang
Honorable Mention: Joey Craig, Surya Krishnamurthy, Mirabelle Sheuerle

Division 4 Middle/High School
Winners: Yixuan Che, Raghav Yelamanchili
Honorable Mention: Tiffany Meng

Division 5 Middle/High School
Winner: Ashley Novak, Emily Wang
Honorable Mention: Yitong Zhang

Division 6 Middle/High School
Winners: Andrew Cardona, Erin Secosky, Sharon Wang
Honorable Mention: Madeline Robeson

Division 7 Middle/High School
Winner: Campbell Massengill

Division 8 Middle/High School
Winner: Emily Qiu

Division 5 Undergraduate
Winner: Janelle Gillespie

Division 6 Undergraduate
Winner: Kyrese Washington
Honorable Mention: Eri Kakoki

Division 7 Undergraduate
Winner: Jess Chen
Honorable Mention: Sarah Tan

Division 8 Undergraduate
Winner: Katherine Grischow