2018-19 Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Altus Handmade Flutes

Burkart Flutes & Piccolos

Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts

CT Weekends
CT Weekends

J. L. Smith & Co.

Flute World


Flying Squirrel Music

Mallarme Chamber Players

Musicians Learning Center
Musician’s Learning Center, Melissa Jeffreys

Catherine LeGrand's Music Decoder Rings
Music Decoder Rings, Catherine LeGrand

Catherine LeGrand's My Flutorials
My Flutorials, Catherine LeGrand

Spotted Rocket Publishing
Spotted Rocket Publishing, Nicole Chamberlain

Pan Harmonia
Pan Harmonia, Kate Steinbeck

Riverview Photography
Daryl Kessler | Riverview Photography

Individual Donors

Wendy Burgbacher
Carla Copland-Burns
Kittie Davenport
Shauna Farmer
Sally Franz
Julie Frederick
Roberta Hayes (in memory of Memory Croghan)
Kathleen Hancock
Amy Holt
Lauren Kiel
Cathy Pescevich Kreplin
Beth Kupsco
Catherine LeGrand
Andrea McKerlie Luke
Marjorie McKenzie
Thomas Mease
Mardi Medawar
Becky Millard
James Murphy
Pamela Nelson
Cathy & Ashley Novak
Kyle Owen
Ann Pearce
Greg Perry
Donna Prather
Nancy Schneeloch-Bingham
Sally Siggens
Laurie Sokoloff
Mary Jo White
Anna Wilson


Want to be an individual donor?

Contact Rosene Rohrer at info@rafaflutes.org or join today at our membership page.  If you’re already a member, please go to our donations page to make your contribution.

Want to be a corporate sponsor? 

Contact Rosene Rohrer at info@rafaflutes.org or join RAFA today at our membership page.

Benefits of corporate sponsorship ($100):

  • Advertising in Tune In, RAFA’s monthly e-newsletter
  • Line listings in printed programs
  • Advertising on the RAFA web site, with a link to your website
  • Free exhibit table at the Flute Fair (Saturday November 11, 2017) – with guest artist Lorna McGhee (additional tables can be purchased at $50 per table).